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DN-M-AB   Dale of Norway - 125th Anniversary - black
DN-M-BN   Dale of Norway - BLYFJELL - navy
DN-W-CB   Dale of Norway - CHRISTIANIA - black
DN-W-CG   Dale of Norway - CHRISTIANIA - gray
DN-W-CR   Dale of Norway - CHRISTIANIA - red
DN-W-F   Dale of Norway - Fjell sweater
DN-W-GB   Dale of Norway - GEILO (feminine) - black
DN-M-LDC   Dale of Norway - LAKSELV - dark charcoal
D-M-L   Dale of Norway - Lyngen
DN-M-L   Dale of Norway - NORDLYS
D-W-PO   Dale of Norway - PASSION OLYMPIC
DN-W-PB   Dale of Norway - PEACE - black
DN-W-Plb   Dale of Norway - PEACE - light blue
DN-W-PRp   Dale of Norway - PEACE - red
DN-K-SL   Dale of Norway - SALT LAKE OLYMPICS - blue
DN-U-SPBW   Dale of Norway - SETESDAL PULLOVER - black or white
D-W-SMb   Dale of Norway - St MORITZ blue
D-W-SMn   Dale of Norway - St MORITZ navy
D-W-SMP   Dale of Norway - St MORITZ pink
DN-M-SMB   Dale of Norway - St. Moritz - blue
DN-M-SMC   Dale of Norway - St. Moritz - charcoal
D-W-U   Dale of Norway - ULV HAt
DN-M-VB   Dale of Norway - VAIL - navy
DN-K-Vail-kids   Dale of Norway - VAIL KIDS- red or blue
DN-MW-V   Dale of Norway - VALDRES - unisex
DN-W-VR   Dale of Norway - VALLE - red
DN-M-WHB   Dale of Norway - Weatherproof hat - black
DN-U-SCBW   Dale of Norway -SETESDAL CARDIGAN - black or white
AC-M-BRB   Deerskin Mittens with a Glove inside!
GN-U-G   Gjestal GLACIER sweater - fully lined
H-U-GCN   Haflinger - Grizzley classic clog - NAVY
H-U-GHC   Haflinger - Grizzley with heel - Charcoal
H-U-SC   Haflinger - Soft sole slippers - CHIANTI
H-U-SNT   Haflinger - Soft sole slippers - NATURAL
H-U-SN   Haflinger - Soft sole slippers - NAVY
H-U-SPS   Haflinger - Soft sole slippers - PURPLE SPECKLE
ID-W-A   Icelandic Design - AMBROSIA
ID-W-CT   Icelandic Design - CHLOE - teal
ID-W-CS   Icelandic Design - CHLOE SKIRT - green
ID-W-GGBL   Icelandic Design - GEORGETTE - blue
ID-W-LB   Icelandic Design - LYDIA
ID-W-PB   Icelandic Design - PORTIA
ID-W-S   Icelandic Design - SIGRID
I-W-FL   IVKO - Floral Reliefs cardigan
I-W-I   IVKO - Intarsia cardigan
KK-W-C   Krimson Klover - ART NOUVEAU
KK-W-EH   Krimson Klover - Early Harvest Skirt
KK-W-K   Krimson Klover - Kaleidoscope skirt
KK-W-M   Krimson Klover - MIKAELA
LB-TRD-A   Lobben Boots - Ankle Height Traditional
LB-TRD-C   Lobben Boots - Childrens Traditional
LB-F   Lobben Boots - FEMUND Boots - Mushers boot
LB-GERH   Lobben Boots - Norwegian "Gerhart" Boots
LB-AFTSK   Lobben Boots - Norwegian After Ski Boots
LB-TRD-T   Lobben Boots - Norwegian Tall Traditional
L-W-AT   Lothlorian - AROHA - cardigan teal
L-W-KBc   Lothlorian - KORU - black cardigan
L-W-KNc   Lothlorian - KORU - natural cardigan
L-W-KRc   Lothlorian - KORU -red cardigan
L-U-NB   Lothlorian - Koru scarf - natural/black
L-U-RB   Lothlorian - Koru scarf - red/black
L-W-KVB   Lothlorian - KORU VEST - Black
L-W-KVN   Lothlorian - KORU VEST - Natural
L-W-KVR   Lothlorian - KORU VEST- red
L-M-PO   Lothlorian - Merino wool/Possum sweater
N-K-BC   Nordstrikk - BORGUND - childrens cardigan
N-K-BPO   Nordstrikk - BORGUND - childrens pullover
N-W-B   Nordstrikk Borgund
N-W-A   Norlender - ANDREA
N-M-F   Norlender - FISHERMAN
N-W-H   Norlender - HAMAR
N-W-N   Norlender - NARVIK
N-W-SB   Norlender - SONJA - black
N-W-SW   Norlender - SONJA - white
N-M-SS   Norsewear Softly Softly Socks
O-W-C   Olsson Clogs - Handpainted
NL-W-M   Recycled Sweater Mittens
NL-W-M4   Recycled Sweater Mittens
NL-W-M8   Recycled Sweater Mittens
NL-W-M9   Recycled Sweater Mittens
S-W-DB   Skhoop - DOWN SKIRT
S-EC   Swedish Electric Candleabra
TC-OK   Troentorp Clogs - O'Keefe - available Red, Black, Navy Blue
TC-RAP   Troentorp Clogs - Raphael - available Black, Navy blue, Cola brown, red
TC-REM   Troentorp Clogs - Rembrandt - available Black, Navy blue, Cola brown
TC-VG   Troentorp Clogs - Van Gogh - available Black, Cocoa Nubuck, Black Cherry
TC-WR   Troentorp Clogs - Wright - available Black, Navy blue, Cola brown
W-B-W   Windfjord - BERGEN

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