Dale of Norway Sweater SaleThe same Anchorage family is still providing high quality Scandinavian Woolens and famous customer service as they have been doing for 37 years. We ship for free to our Anchorage customers.

Krimson Klover - MIKAELA Norlender - SONJA - white Windfjord - BERGEN
Krimson Klover - MIKAELA
Our Price: $98.00
Norlender - SONJA - white
Our Price: $212.00
Windfjord - BERGEN
Our Price: $196.00
Norlender - NARVIK Dale of Norway - ULV HAt Icelandic Design - SIGRID
Norlender - NARVIK
Our Price: $188.00
Dale of Norway - ULV HAt
Our Price: $139.95
Icelandic Design - SIGRID
Our Price: $218.00

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